The Bar

The Brown Derby was originally the name of a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles, California. The first and most famous of these was shaped like a man’s derby hat, an iconic image that became synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood.

The restaurants quickly established themselves as the places to see and be seen for the Hollywood elite during the 1920’s and 30’s. The last remaining L.A. Brown Derby closed its doors after a fire in the mid-90’s, but London’s Brown Derby aims to keep the spirit alive, capturing this sense of the golden age of Hollywood on the other side of the pond.

Noel, the current owner of The Brown Derby, ran the Goodluck Bar just off Hollywood Boulevard – itself a popular Hollywood haunt.

He spent years working a mere stones throw away from both the very same Brown Derby in which the end dance scene in Swingers was shot, and the infamous Dresden Room – the Hollywood home of the Swingers piano act combo, Marty and Elayne.

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